Monday, 7 February 2011

3D Visualization for Control Room

We create the 3D visualization for the control room.

Ecoplas Brand Development

We developed the Logo design for "ECOPLAS" and the 3 character or mascot.

Graphic Design work for ALTO

Design for x-banner,

design for brochure,

design for hypermarket promo flyer,

design for vehicle branding,

and for print ad material.

ALTO Modern Market Pillar Branding

Design for pillar branding inside a hypermarket. We used plywood as the base and wrapped with indoor high resolution printing.

Packaging Design for Jelly Candy

A packaging design for a jelly candy product. A combination of product shot and illustration to create an exclusive look for the product. Printed on Artpaper 350 gram with a gloosy finishing.

ALTO flyer design

ALTO participated in a Job Fair.They want us to design a flyer for all the job seeker. We came up with a "word searching puzzle" idea for the flyer. The job seeker will seek their job in the flyer. The flyer printed on Art paper 150 gram.


"Growing with Faith" is their new company commitment, so they wanted us to design a set of items for their 15th anniversary. A gimmick, invitation, a souvenir bag, and a paper wrap for gifts to the guests.

Brochure Design for GIVENDAYS FRESH MILK

A brochure design for GIVENDAYS FRESH MILK product. Printed on Artpaper 210 gram with spot UV finishing.